Friday, February 10, 2012

Would You Like to Guest Post?

I have shared with you some of the places of brokenness in my life, and how I have found beauty in them. I believe that as we share openly and honestly, we can encourage and help others that walk a similar journey.

Yet, I know that you may have stories of brokenness and beauty to share too.

Would you like to guest post here at These Broken Vases, and share with us how you have found beauty in unexpected places? I would love to share your stories.

You can either leave me a comment here and let me know how I can contact you, or you can e-mail me directly at ellenstumbo at yahoo dot com.

I cannot wait to hear the stories you have to share!


  1. I've been pretty candid and honest in a couple of my posts over the last month or so as we approach Hailey's first birthday if you would like to use one of them. I hope that when people read our honesty, they realize they aren't the only ones having those feelings!

  2. I would LOVE to guest post!

  3. I'm not interested in guest posting, but I do have something to share with you. I'm a quilter (you may know this already) and I thought that when I started getting customer quilts that I might have a hard time saying something nice about some of the quilts that came in. I wondered what I would say if someone brought me a really ugly quilt that was so poorly made that it was almost falling apart. What I have found is that it is easy to find something wonderful about every quilt that comes in my studio door and that I don't even have to try. My MIL brings me quilts that she inherited from her aunts or mother that she has wondered if it is even worth finishing because she thinks they are so awful and there isn't a one that I thought was ugly and that didn't turn out fabulous with the right quilting. Also, quilters often have ugliest quilting contests and in everyone that I've been too, there isn't a single quilt shown where one or more people are making comments about how that quilt shouldn't be in the contest because it isn't remotely ugly. All quilts have someone that is going to find it beautiful and just perfect and I think that in life, everything is like that.


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