Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blogging Awards? Sharing the Blog Love!

I didn't know there was such a thing as "blog awards." Did you know that?  So how fun to receive an award!

Kelly from Ahimsa Mama nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks Kelly! Kelly is in my writing class and she is a great writer! She always leaves me wanting to read more.

And Sarah from Moments of Exhilaration nominated me for...either the Versatile Blog Award or the 7X7 Award. Ha! I don't even know! Sarah has really challenged me to write with integrity, no holding back, no pretending, but being real.

 Recipients of this award are asked to:
  • Thank the person that nominated their blog for the award with a backlink to them.
  • List 7 things about themselves.
  • Award 15 newly discovered blogs with the award and notify them of the award.

Seven things about myself:

1. I am originally from Mexico and Spanish is my first language. Which by default, means that English is my second language. At least, it used to be! I don't have anyone to speak Spanish with and most of my thoughts, writing, and dreaming happen in English now. My mom and sisters like to make fun of me when I speak Spanish now.

2. I do not know how to cook anything Mexican, just in case you were wondering about that.

3. I LOVE nutella.

4. Before I had Nichole (my daughter with Down syndrome) a friend of mine shared with me she had a dream of having a special needs ministry at our church, specifically, a VBS for kids with special needs. I told her it was a great idea, but I thought at the time "I probably would not be a part of it, special needs is just not my thing." Ha! One more time....HA! I am so very passionate about this now!

5. I said when I was younger I would never marry a pastor. Ha! Again!

6. My favorite snack is a nice tray of cream-cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers.

7. Currently, I am watching the show "Monk" and I love it!

So I am sharing the blog love and nominating other bloggers:

Gillian from Pocket Lint. Another pastor's wife that does not pretend to have it all together. Her honesty will refresh you!

Marnie from Greene Parenting. My favorite when it comes to talking openly about adoption. And she has such a witty sense of humor you will love her!

Beck from Beck Far From Home. Yet another pastor's wife. She has an incredible heart and I am sure her words will bless you.

Jessica from Our Family For His Glory. I have known Jessica since we were in college and she really is amazing! What you read is who she is, and she is a great mom that has her priorities straight. She is not perfect but she is doing the best she can and I hope to be like her someday.

Joy from Joy In This Journey. I recently discovered her blog and I love that she is not afraid to write about what is "messy." There is something about being authentic, isn't it?

Kasey from These Five Of Mine. She writes beautiful devotionals and inspirational pieces. I have asked her to blog post for me some time!

Bethany from Our Perfectly Imperfect Life. She has 2 girls with Down syndrome and she is an incredible photographer. Do I need to say more?

Jolene Philo from Different Dream for My Child. Jolene is a champion for all of us that have children with special needs. It is not only her books but her blog that offers so much to us parents as we navigate the world of disability. I am a huge fan of Jolene!

Glenn Myers from Deep Wells. Glenn is also an author, I will be sharing his book "Seeking Spiritual Intimacy" with you soon. Glenn was one of our college professors, his classes were always my favorite ones. He is also my husband's friend and mentor, a second father to him. I would encourage you to visit his blog, you will find how to seek spiritual intimacy, you will be moved, challenged, and encouraged.

John Stumbo from John Stumbo's Blog: An Honest Look Into a Mysterious Journey. I am not just saying this is a blog you should visit because this is my husband's uncle. John has wrestled with God, really. Have you ever wondered why God has allowed something bad to happen in your life? Why God will not offer healing the way you expect Him to? "God is in this, and God is good"

So take some time and visit these blogs. Great stuff.


  1. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  2. How wonderful! Thanks for the new blogs to read :-)

  3. Thank you Ellen, that touches my heart! I'm so encouraged by your blog and just thrilled to have 'met' you!

  4. Thank you kindly, my friend!

  5. Thanks, Ellen! You're so sweet! And I want to be like YOU some day! :)
    I truly am blessed to know you!


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