Monday, February 13, 2012

And We Lost a Tooth!

It finally happened. The last of my "baby" is coming off giving way to the big girl teeth. The tooth was bleeding and bothering Ellie, so she asked me to pull it. 

I tried, I really did. But every time I counted to 3 my hand was not doing what my brain was telling it to do. I just couldn't do it!

Oh...but daddy's are awesome at this loosing-teeth business. Andy grabbed the tooth and pulled before Ellie realized what was happening. She felt the hole and pumped her fists while she jumped.
Then she felt the blood...

We got the tears taken care off, and then the tooth became the talk of the night. Amazing how a little tooth can create unending conversation.

And so...Ellie sang a little song...



  1. Congrats on the tooth Ellie! Cute song, too :)

    My mom used to pull my teeth out for me, but it always hurt and I shed a lot of tears through the years! Your dad sounds like an awesome tooth-puller. :)

  2. Hooray! Loosing teeth is a big deal at our house too! :)

  3. She looks adorable with her little gap! They grow up faaaar too quickly!

    Those first few teeth that my oldest son lost were pure torture, for both of us. I was horrible at it and I managed to instill a whole bunch of fear in him! It does get better, I promise!!

    1. I think we have just decided dad is in charge of teeth!

  4. Love the song! Oksana said "I want a tooth song like that!" and then started singing the tune with different words! Ellie is getting so big...and the hair still looks amazing ;)!

  5. my husband and one son pull every tooth that wiggles..not me...I don't want to go near a loose tooth. Hope the tooth fairy came!!

    1. Once we remembered about the tooth fairy, she did come.


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