Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Review: The Bone House by Stephen Lawhead

A sequel to The Skin Map, we move on as Kit Livingston continues his search for the skin map (If you have not read the Skin Map or read the review, I recommend you do so as the books are connected and it would be impossible to pick up book 2 without knowing book 1).

About the author: Stephen Lawhead is a master storyteller. The way he uses words in his descriptions, dialogue and action are superb.

About the book: The story is an engaging adventure. It takes place across time and dimensions. It offers nuggets of history and customs that are fascinating. As a sequel and "middle" book, it continues to develop the story established in the first book, yet there are no resolutions. Usually "middle" books in trilogies are my least favorite. The good guys and bad guys are still after the skin map in order to understand the intricacies of ley travel.  we do not know anything about the "Bone House" until the last 2 chapters and towards the end of the book I am still concludes at the significance of this place or how it specifically fits together with the rest of the story. All we get is a glimpse with no explanation, yet it is clear this is an important place. Confused? So am I!

About the characters: In this book, we see Kit emerge with a purpose, we witness him in the process of "becoming." By the end of this second installation, we can see how Kit will become the hero. Mina continues to show she is a smart and resourcefull woman. It is hard not to like her...a lot.In the search for the skin map we meet remarkable characters.

Overall I would recommend this book based on its series.

I received this book for free by Thomas Nelson publishers through the Booksneeze blogger program in exchange for my honest review.

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