Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eight Months Home

It is hard to believe that eight months have gone by. At the same time, we forget that Nina has not always been with us.

Nina's English continues to improve. While we know that she does not understand everything yet, it is easy to forget because she speaks very well. Maybe not like a typical four year old, but you would never guess she was adopted if you met her today.

Nina has started pre school, and that will be a post all on its own. She is in the same class as Ellie and she is loving it! She has the best teachers anyone could ask for and we are so excited for her!

Her outbursts and behaviors have improved thanks to being able to communicate. However, we are not sure if she is lying quite a bit, or if she is still learning English and she gets confused.

We finally took Nina to the eye doctor and as we suspected, she needs glasses. We should get her glasses soon and we will have some cute pictures to post. I really struggled getting "blue" glasses like she wanted to (from the colors we could choose) but I figured she has to wear them and we want glasses that she thinks are cute. Yes, I would have ordered plain brown, so maybe blue will be a good idea after all :)

For big news, now that we have the potty stool and she is comfortable using it, she can go potty all by herself! We have celebrated this milestone as it has given her so much confidence that she seems willing to try just about anything that "big girls do." She thought she might even be able to walk, but it ended up being a little hard. Regardless, I am thankful for adaptive equipment that allows a four year old with Cerebral palsy to be independent while going potty.

Nina uses her walker at school, and she does wear her braces most of the day. So that is a good thing! If only we could convince her that she can walk! (Because really, when she hold our hand, she is walking all on her own, she just does not know it yet!)


  1. such a sweet girl and doing so well!! I need to meet her soon!

  2. Nina is an amazing kid! After meeting her over this weekend, yes, she speaks English so well. I would never have guessed that she was adopted from Ukraine if I didn't know it.

    She's a sweetheart, as are your other 2 girls, each with their unique personalities.

    And yay for going potty all by herself! That's great!


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