Friday, September 24, 2010

Nina the Leader

Nina got to be the Leader at school on Monday. As the leader she gets to lead the lines, bring a snack (and pass it around) and they get to be special for the day. No big deal really, but it is a big deal for the kids. And it is a big deal when you lived as an orphan and deemed as unworthy because of a disability. It is a big deal when you go to school and the teachers and your friends sing about how special God made you, and how much you are loved.
Nina uses her walker at preschool. I think being around all the other kids makes Nina really want to walk! She was headed down the hall to begin serving the snacks. She did great going around the tables, balancing in the walker with one hand, and serving the snack with the other hand. She chose bananas an chocolate milk.
The picture above is Nina with one of her teachers (which I cannot say enough how awesome her teachers are!) they were singing about loving Nina and God making her special (something like that!)
And my big girl Ellie. Both girls are in the same "group." They actually play together very well at school (and sometimes at home)
When my girls are leaders, I like to come to their school for the day. It was so sweet to see how all the kids look after Nina. Nina has one special friend who takes care of her with such tender care! All of kids are wonderful! They make sure Nina has her walker, they pat her gently on the back, they get things for her. A very sweet thing to watch as a mom. My prayer as a mom, is that Nina and Nichole always have friends like that.

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  1. I love Nina's glasses! She looks so big!


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