Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nina has Glasses

Yesterday Nina got her glasses. We have really talked about how great it will be when she has them, so she was very excited to finally get them.

We think they really make a difference as we heard her say, "I can see better!" We are not sure she is repeating something we told her would happen, or if she in fact realizes that they help.

Ellie on the other hand was very sad about Nina getting glasses. She is afraid that Nina will get picked on, or that she will not look as cute. We talked to her about how much glasses will help Nina, and that looks are not important, but only what is inside our hearts. In some very small way, this is the first time that Ellie realizes that one of her sisters is "different." It amazes me because Nina has braces and a walker and Ellie has never made any comments. But glasses?

However, this morning when the girl were going to school, Ellie was the one to remind us not to forget Nina's glasses. At school, as they began to color, Ellie pointed out that Nina was trying to color inside the lines. Ellie cheered for Nina and celebrated. "Look mommy, the glasses are really helping Nina color better!" So the heart brokenness was short lived.


  1. She looks precious!!!!! I can't wait to show Oksana since I'm sure she won't be too far behind!

  2. I think they look great on her!

  3. She looks SO cute! I wish my glasses looked that good on me!

  4. They look GREAT on her! I hope they help! I have had glasses since I was an infant and now I don't know life without them.

  5. Oh, Ellen, Nina is just beautiful. And look how long her hair is!! I love the sweet spirit of Ellie> She really cares deeply for the people she love.

  6. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Oh, she looks just adorable! Those frames really work well with her face. To be honest, I think most kids look awful with glasses -- they're usually very unbecoming. But not on Nina! She looks so cute! And that's great to hear that she was enthusiastic about getting them!
    That's funny that Ellie was concerned about the glasses, when Nina wears AFOs and uses a walker! Perhaps it was because the AFOs/walker make such a tremendous (outwardly obvious) difference in her abilities? That seems to make sense, since she seemed more accepting once she saw that the glasses were really helping Nina...just in a way that was less obvious than the AFOs and walker.
    I'm always amazed by how a child's mind works. So fascinating. ;-)


  7. she looks super cute in them ellen!!!


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