Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Girls

Now that school has started, all the girls are settling in a routine. By all the girls I mean me included!

Ellie loves school, although she refused to have a picture taken for her fist day. "It is NOT the first day of school! I have been to school before!" It did not matter how many times we explained it was the first day for that new school year, she still would have non of it.
At preschool she likes having Nina in her class, but I do hope that she makes other good friends too. Her best friends moved up to Kindergarten, so she was a little sad about that.
We are, however, homeschooling Kindergarten. I was not sure that would be a good idea for us, since we have very similar personalities and feared it would be bad for our relationship. But after a week (who knows what I will say in a month!) I am loving it, and I think she is too. Confirmation that children do learn better one-on-one.
Why are we doing this? because she wanted to, she wants to learn to read and she wants to learn math (for real!) but she is not ready to be going to school every day, all day. She already struggles with only 3 days for preschool.

Nina is doing very well at school. She even has a friend! And although terrified of the potty at school, she has had no accidents! So she is doing very well.
We finally took her to the eye doctor, and sure enough, she needs glasses. The funny thing is, she wants glasses and cannot wait to have them. I will make sure to post pictures as soon as we get them, which should be in a couple of weeks max.
This explains in part her fine motor skills and how much she struggles to color, trace, or some hand-eye coordination tasks. We are excited to see her improve in that area.
She is also tolerating her braces most of the day, and she asks for them sometimes! At school, she gets around in her walker for the most part, so I do hope that this encourages her to try to take some steps (You know, seeing all the other kids walking might make her want to do it too!)

Nichole is as sweet as ever. I do love having three mornings a week just with her. I really want to work on her speech, as she is really struggling with articulation right now. She can say a lot of things, words, and phrases. We just do not understand her. She is dropping some signs because she is saying the words, but we do not get the words many times. For example, "napkin," "blanket," and "pancake" sound exactly the same. Good luck figuring out which one she says.
Homeschooling Ellie is now making me look into some preschool programs for Nichole. I am working on putting some things together so we can really get her going.

I am thinking about teaching a dance class for all the homeschooling families. I was going to do that just with my girls, but I think it will be fun and that way we will really do it and not just think about it. Also, maybe this will be the beginning of "adaptive dance." Because Nina and Nichole will get to be a part of it, and I think they will both be great little ballerinas.

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