Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Do You See?

Look at the picture above. What do you see? First you will notice an ultrasound picture, in case you are wondering who it is, it is Nichole. Next, is a phone. Third in line is the monitor. Last, another phone and answering machine with 10 messages. So what is this picture all about?

We have two phones. One is just a phone, and one is the answering machine. The reason we don't use the answering machine phone is because we are too lazy to put batteries in, and the phone has been dead for about 2 years. So we took the easy route and plugged in a phone with working batteries.

Nichole loves phones, and she has been known to call 911. Nichole has a rule about phones. She may not grab our cell phones or working phone. She is free to play with the old cell phones and with the answering machine phone, that's it! You don't think she gets it? Let me let you in the other part of the picture that I forgot to mention.

The phone you see in the picture? It is the non-working, answering machine phone! Our sweet Nichole has been taking the working phone, and then moving the one from the answering machine over so that we think she is obeying!

Oh! And one more thing to point out about the picture, is that the ultrasound picture of Nichole shows her...smiling! Smiling all along at her mischievous deeds.


  1. *LOL* What a little stinker! That's too funny! She's a clever one!
    That's an adorable photo, BTW -- look at those eyes! And the curls!

  2. Oh Ellen - that makes me laugh so much! What a smart girl you have! It's a good thing she and Jack don't play together daily, such trouble they could cause! This is an terrific story. :D

  3. That's one clever little girl you've got there, out! I'll bet she's just bubbling with schemes, even as we speak. ;)


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