Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nina gets to see lots of Doctors

The last 2 days we have spent hours in Mayo Clinic as doctors look at our daughter and try to discover the surprises of a little girl who's medical record was a single piece of paper with virtually no information. The last 3 1/2 years are a medical mystery that we will try to uncover.

Our first appointment was with a general Pediatrician. He was sweet and very gentle. Andy and I had come with a list of questions or small concerns that landed us to see several "ologists." We now have and MRI, swallow study, dermatologist appointment, an echo, and a rehabilitation doctor to see (we promised we would see our very own eye doctor.) That is a lot of appointments in the next month! Nina also had a huge amount of blood drawn, so much, that they could not take it all in one day for safety reasons, so they divided it in the 2 days and Nina had a really hard time. This blood test will check for everything from what vaccines she has had, to what things she has been exposed to.

Today we had an X-ray for Nina's hand and we saw the neurologist. As we talked about Nina's future and we asked if he thought she would ever walk his comment was, "I don't see a reason why she would not walk on her own." And you can imagine how encouraging it is to hear that!

There were some concerns we had regarding Nina when we would visit her at the orphanage based on her fears and behaviors she displayed. Some of those concerns became even more real once I had Nina with me. As we met with the doctor, before we brought up some of those concerns, the pediatrician noticed immediately.

The reality of life in an orphanage is very sad. Actually, it is heartbreaking. If you have ever felt a tug in your heart regarding adoption, let's talk. You will really be saving the life of a child!


  1. i dont see any reason she wont walk is indeed encourageing. we got quite the opposite advice from the last doctor we saw for sophie. he said Im sure she will be a great wheelchair ambulater. (!!!) not we can try this or that, just nope nothing we can do for her. of course we arent ready to give up after 4 months with her! and she wants it so she is determined and has the will, thats half the battle! hope Nina's blood comes back that she is healthy!

  2. It is said, "Life is in the blood." Truly our blood is fearfully and wonderfully made.

  3. What an enormous impact you're making on not only Nina's life, but on so many people who read your blog and who's hearts might be turned in favor of adopting a child of their own. And how exciting that she will walk.

  4. so happy to hear everyone is being so positive! We had to do Victoria's bloodwork in 2 trips as well and it was NOT pretty :(
    Hope all comes back good and she does not need to have her sots redone.

  5. Hi Stumbo Family! Sounds like Nina is really becoming a part of your Wonderful family! : )

    Ellen, I have an appt. at Mayo Clinic on Feb. 19, so if you will be around, perhaps we could meet. I would LOVE to meet you! Let me know your schedule. Hey, I would be willing to drive over and meet you any day! Maybe on a day when you only have a "short" day. HA

    I come to your Blog every day looking for new pictures. {hint} But, I realize that your life is busy. Give ALL of your daughters a hug from me!

    Take care and God Bless You! Hugs...Jo


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