Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nina's Speech Therapist

Nina's speech is amazing! Every day she surprises us with the things she is able to say. From two word sentences, to common phrases like "it's okay" to full sentences. Yesterday she said, "I want to take a bath." Yes, she said it that clear and with perfect grammatical structure. Those speech bursts are rare, but they are happening!

We do not take any of the credit, but rather, I want to show you Nina working with her English teacher who is also her speech therapist.


  1. Oh, I love that!! I especially love how you can hear a little bit of her russian accent. I just can't get enough of how well Nina is adjusting. I know I don't leave comments very often but I always anxiously await your next post. I must say that your post a few days ago where you mentioned that if you are even considering adoption, please talk to you has really been weighing on me. I want to so badly be able to adopt but my husband just isn't there yet. For now, I live through people like you. Keep up the pictures and videos.

  2. that is absolutely adorable!!! I think she really has a future there :)

  3. That's SO cute! Way to teach big sis =).

  4. Adorable! Ellie is a SUPER big sis!


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