Friday, February 5, 2010

Life is a Story

As we left the Mayo clinic parking lot three days ago, we saw an older couple heading towards the elevators. The woman followed her husband on a motorized chair while he searched for the best "path" for her to take.

"I wonder what their story is" Andy said, "How did she end up in that chair? Was it hard for her to accept that she needed it? Is it hard for her husband to take care of her? There are so many stories in this place, and we live life without realizing what other people go through."

I looked at them as we drove away. What was their story? Hospitals are places where people bring their stories, stories of heartbreak, of fear, of sickness, and pain. Andy had mentioned that our society lacked compassion, because most people prefer not to go to hospitals for this very reason. Yet, what a wonderful place to love and care. No wonder he noticed the older couple.

And here we were, with a story too. A story about a once orphan girl. Nina lived with neglect and abuse for 3 1/2 years. The journey to bring her home was emotional, long, and felt so lonely. But that is not the end of her story, but only the beginning. Her story now is covered with celebration, with joy, and with hope. The hope of a future and a family that will be with her. The promise of a mother and father that will hold her up and embrace her. As we discover the intricacies of her body in our medical visits, I can let that be overwhelming, but her story shouts to me "I am found! I have hope!"

We all have a story, and we all go through storms in life. Some are hard and some are devastating. Through it all, God walks with us, weather we feel him present or not, He is there, not promising He will take it away, or make it better, but promising to walk with us. But there is also joy and celebration, cheer and hope! What is your story?


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I am so happy that lil Nina has the "and she lived happily ever after" outlook to her story. So glad you are all adjusting well and one big ole happy family :)

  2. Regardless of what you & the docs see, Nina IS a very tough little girl! I believe that with lots of nurturing and some stability she will grow into a strong young woman.
    Oh, and I so appreciate that you don't tell "her story". That you respect her and want to allow her to share when she is ready.
    You are an Awesome Mom...and Daddy is, too!


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