Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home for a month!

Nina and I have been home for a month, a month! The time has gone by so quickly, in many ways I feel like we just got home (and so does anyone that has stopped by our house and gets to see the piles of laundry or unpacked bags)

Nina is doing fantastic. Her English keeps getting better and better, and she is able to communicate basic needs. She can now communicate better than Nichole, so in one month we have seen this little girl blossom right before our eyes. She is now starting to put three word sentences and it amazes me still when she looks at me and says something like, "Mommy, Nina eat crackers...please?" Or one of my favorites, "Oh! Nichole, Nichole! No sweetie!" Not because she is so sweet to Nichole, but because she probably hears me say that to Nichole multiple times a day.

Ellie is her best friend. Ever since Nina hugged Ellie, their relationship took off and they love being together. As wonderful as it is, I try to encourage Ellie to play with Nichole too, because I do not ever want Nichole to feel left out by her sisters.

Nina can now get down from couches on her own, get on a small chair on her own, and climb up and down the stairs on her own. Amazing what being in a home, with full freedom of movement and exploration can do to muscle tone!

As it turns out today, after a month, we had some firsts. The first time that Nina went to the nursery without me (Nichole was there, so Nina was happy to stay.) The first time that Nina enjoyed crawling around at church with her sisters and friends after the service when most people were gone (she loved it!) and the first time she went to the naughty corner, and let me tell you, she is not a big fan of the naughty corner!

Tomorrow we take her to the doctor and a neurologist. Then we start on the full swing of life with therapy and more doctors and specialists. And who knows, this little girl might get her very own walker soon and get around on her feet!


  1. I love your updates! I can't get enough of hearing about her and learning from your experience. It's amazing how she is adjusting and adapting so well. Makes me long for Oksana..... If I haven't told you lately, you are a blessing to us. I can't wait to hear about the doctor's visits.

  2. so happy to hear how much nina has grown in 1 month!! we get submitted thursday! we are so excited about moving on in this adventure!


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