Saturday, February 20, 2010

iPOD touch fundraiser giveaway

Zhora needs a family! My friend Lisa has been working hard to find a family for this sweet boy and she is determined to raise money so that this will not be an issue for a family considering adoption. Zhora already has $2106 in his grant!

For every $10 donated your name is entered once, and if you give $25, your name will be entered 3 times!

My friend Renee is hosting this give away, so hop on over to her blog by clicking here and help us spread the word! We can all have a small part in finding this sweet boy a family of his own!

A few things about Zhora. He is not bald, they shaved his head! My friend Lisa also has some other pictures of him and I am told there is even a video of him. So if anyone is interested in adopting this little boy, let me know, or visit Reece's Rainbow!

And, it is my birthday today, so what a better way to say happy birthday than to donate $10 and a chance to win an ipod touch!

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  1. hola, gracias por pasar a mi blog y saludar, lo que pasa es que mi laptop se murio hace unos dos meses, y no ha habido oportundiad de comprar una nueva. cada vez tenemos gastos de diferentes tipos y no hemos podido comprar una computadora.

    asi que cuando alguien me presta una compu como hoy aprovecho el poco tiempo pero no es mucho.

    te mando un fuerte abraz y un saludo.

    espero que se encuentren bien, dios les bendice



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