Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Answering Some Questions

1. Will you be updating both blogs anymore, or just the main Home one?
Mostly I will update our main Home blog. I will continue to post on the adoption blog as we deal with adoption related issues. When I update the adoption blog, I will have a link on our Home blog so you know to check for it.

2. Does Nina continue to use the walker?
As much as she can. She does very well, unfortunately, our house is not handicapped accessible which limits her mobility with a walker. We are only able to use it as "therapy." We are talking about either needing an addition to our home to open space, or looking for a different house.

3. Is your adoption covered, or are you still trying to cover the expenses?
Where God leads He provides, not even a penny is left to pay back. All the praise belongs to God, He is faithful!

4. When did you actually arrive in Minnesota?
We arrived "home" on December 31st. We started the new year fresh, as a family.

5. What are Nina's fears and behaviors she has displayed that were of concern?
I have gotten several e-mails with questions similar to this. We all have our own stories,from who we are, and where we came from to who we have become. Nina has her own story, the story of an orphan with special needs. This story comes with heartache and abuse. I do not feel it is right for me to tell her story in such a public venue as a blog. It is Nina's story and it will be up to her to someday write about it, or for her to give me permission to do so. I have chosen to do so to honor my daughter and treat her with dignity and respect, something she did not have for 3 1/2 years. This does not mean you cannot ask questions, but it does mean that I will be cautious in the blogging world.

6. Would you ever adopt from Ukraine again?
Yes! Absolutely! What I saw at the orphanage is reason enough for me to go back and save another child. I would NOT go back during holidays or winter though :) And this time we would know what to expect a little better.

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