Monday, December 7, 2009

Will I be her yes?

I will be honest, as Andy and I prayed about weather we should adopt Nina or not, her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy scared me. And I mean, really scared me. Down syndrome was familiar, it made more sense for us to adopt another child with Down syndrome, but Cerebral Palsy? That was a different story.

If you have been to our house before, or if you know our daughter Nichole, you will soon realize that one of her favorite things in life is...Signing Time! Nichole loves signing time and she walks around the house carrying a case of the DVD with Rachel's picture on it. Yes, Rachel is Nichole's favorite singer, there is no doubt about that!

So because our family is a signing family and because we own almost every DVD there is, I also get updates for Rachel's blog.

During this particular time of prayer as we were asking the Lord if he was calling us to adopt, and as my fears of Cerebral Palsy held me back, Rachel wrote this post on her blog. I encourage you to read it, and warning, have a tissue in hand!

Rachel has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, her name is Lucy. Rachel has asked herself if she is strong enough to be Lucy's mom, she has also determined to always be a "yes." for Lucy. Her post touched me, her post challenged me. Would I do that for an orphan girl that would be sent away to an institution and discarded like a broken piece of glass? Would I be strong enough to be her mother? Would I be her "yes"?

Yes Lord, I will.

Today I was Nina's legs for the fist time (adoption blog post.) Her face was the best reward of all. I am not a runner, never have been, but for her, I will be


  1. So happy for you and Nina! Can I have an invite to your adoption blog?
    Jodi Lewandoski
    adopting Hunter,RR

  2. yes and you will be wonderful!!!!!

  3. Ellen,

    Thank YOU for inspiring me this morning. Sometimes I forget that those mommy moments that I share with Lucy (and share on my blog) can have a unimaginable ripple effect. Those "strong enough" and "Yes" moments keep me going and I am touched to read that they have impacted your family in such a tremendous way!

    I officially deem you "Strong Enough" - Welcome to the club! Travel safely and give Thom & Tami my love.
    ~Rachel Coleman

  4. The Whites2:41 PM

    Thank you for your beautiful words! You continue to be an inspiration to us! Praying for you, friend!


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