Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 days, 3 more to go!

Just three more days and our waiting is over. It means that I can get Nina's new birth certificate and tax code and then take her out of the orphanage forever! Yes, I am counting down the days and I am so anxious to have her home!

My visits with Nina have been wonderful. Our bond continues to grow and she is definitely making her way into my heart. My daughter, wow, I have another daughter! And every day, more and more, I become her mama, and every day, more and more, she chooses me. We did not know how long ti would take for her to feel like she belongs to us, and when we first met her we really wondered if this was going to be a long long process. But today, my heart is full as Nina gives me hugs and calls me mama. I have posted more pictures on the adoption blog, but just had to share some pictures here too, and a sweet sweet video of Nina being silly and looking at pictures. Enjoy!!!


  1. that is soo soo cute ellen!! she loves you!!!!

  2. We are getting Joanna photo magnets for Christmas - I don't know if you have any pictures that way, but it is a neat way for small children to be able to see the pictures without damaging them..

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Oh that was the sweetest thing ever!! The way she said 'mama' would stay in my heart forever if I were you. You are SO lucky :)

    Jodi Lewandoski
    adopting Hunter

  4. Anonymous7:50 AM

    What a wonderful blessing this time of year. Congratulations to all of you!

  5. I am glad things are going well. I do hope you make it home in time for Christmas!


  6. she loved for you to copy her. oh my heart! you are blessed.

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