Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Angels Needing Families

Edited on August 2010. Oksana (Olivia) is home with her family, and Marshall's family is on their way!

Meet Marshall

Boy, Born January 11, 2007

This little muffin is a bundle of sunshine! Marshall is HEALTHY and happy and doing very well. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and is a caregiver favorite! He will really benefit from a loving family.

I took these pictures of Marshall today. he is a sweet little boy. He plays so well on his own and one of the workers was playing with him and my Nina as I came to visit. I think he is teething because he was chewing hard on some toys. I know these are not the best pictures but he was not interested in getting his picture taken :) At some point he got hurt and started to cry. One of the workers (my favorite one) got him and he cuddled right to her. This is a very good thing for a child in an orphanage!
He just has stolen my heart.

To see his picture on Reece's rainbow click HERE.
Scroll down to orphanage 12 and that is Marshall (And I have no idea why he is always wearing pink, he is a boy!)

Meet Olivia

Girl, Born May 2, 2005

Miss Olivia was born with CP. She has sandy brown hair and striking blue eyes, with a fabulous smile! She is medically healthy besides her CP. From an adoptive family who visited with her in June 2009: Olivia has CP and the caregivers
say that she has shown a bit of a cognitive delay as well. From what I can tell she has trouble with her legs but is much stronger than Monroe. She is one happy little thing and is always holding her arms out to me. She is tall too. I think I've heard her speaking some Russian. She is just so sweet."

Little Olivia wants a family so very bad! Every time she sees me she calls for me, "Mama! Mama!" and just cried. It just breaks my heart. Today I gave her a big hug and she just melted into my arms, she let me hug her for a long long time. She is starving for attention and wants love and affection. Who doesn't?

I know they say she has a cognitive delay, but this could just be an orphanage delay (I would feel confident to say any child in the orphanage might qualify as delayed, regardless of a special need or not, orphanages cannot provide the stimulation that a home can give)

Olivia's CP is very mild and only her legs are affected. She can pull herself up to standing and she can walk holding on to someone or something. She loves to snuggle and she does ask for a Mama and a Papa. Are you her family?

To see Olivia on Reece's Rainbow click HERE.

You will have to scroll down and find her picture, she has a (12) by her name.


  1. oh she is darling. I often see her and think oh she is so precious. Little boy is cute as a button too. Someone please take them home!

  2. We are Marshall's prayer warriors! My family is sooo excited to see another picture of him (and a little dismayed to see he's still wearing pink...LOL!) I am so glad to hear a good report and to hear that the staff is cuddling him. We pray for that everyday. My kids are praying for him to have a mom and dad, a brother and sister, and a dog and cat. We've decided a guinea pig is optional. :)
    Bless you, bless you, bless you for posting this. I am over the moon!

  3. OH my goodness they are beautiful kids! I hope they update Olivia's picture with that second picture of yours! She's a doll! :D
    Oh sweet Marshall in pink! hehe I hope these beautiful kids are blessed with forever families!!!

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I looked for Olivia and didnt see her, I thought she was precious and I pray she has a Mama and Papa now. I thought she is just the little girl I been waiting for.

  5. Anonymous,
    Olivia's real name is Oksana, and I just recently blogged about her daddy and mommy being in her country adopting her. She is coming home soon!


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