Sunday, December 13, 2009

Empowering People, Changing Lives

Occasionally I receive e-mails from people that happen to find my blog and want to share something with me. I love hearing their stories and with some of these people I continue to be in contact with.

Yesterday I received an e-mail. It was an e-mail from a 19 year old young lady who is passionate about empowering people with disabilities, so they can change their lives and rise above their limitations. She knows far too well, that everyone has gifts and great potential. And she should know, she has Cerebral Palsy.

Erin's blog is called, "Empowering People, Changing Lives." I spent some time reading through her blog and I could not help but cry. Erin is such an inspiration, and through her life and accomplishments she gave me a wonderful gift. The gift of hope. Hope for Nina.

Erin has accomplished more than your typical 19 year old! She has more talent in her than most people, and she has decided that nothing will stop her. Sure, maybe some people will look at her and think she has limitations, but what she has is determination to show everyone that nothing will stop her to accomplish what she sets her mind to.

I want to meet her! I want her to meet Nina! Amazing how God brings the right people into our lives just at the right moment.

So take some time and visit her blog!


  1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Ellen. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and can't wait to meet your family!

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  3. I’ll pop over, sounds amazing for someone so young.
    Our pharmacist has Cp, and is a lovely person.


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