Monday, October 1, 2012

Cerebral Palsy and Independence {and a CP Connection}

This week for the first time since Nina has been going to school, I watched her go inside the building all by herself. I stayed outside, with the rest of the parents and walked back to my car. For two years I have taken Nina straight to her class, helped her out to get ready for the day. Today, however, marked the day when she is on her own.

I was not sure she could do it. She is poky, and she gets easily distracted. Not to mention that opening her locker, taking her coat of, getting her folder and books out of her backpack, and closing the locker once more are challenging to do when you lack strength and balance.

"I don't think she is ready" I said to her teach a week ago.

She smiled at me, looked me straight in the eye and said, "I want her to try. She can do this."

I looked right back at her, believing what she was saying. I even gave her hug.

"I just worry." I added.

"It's okay, you are her mom, you are supposed to worry, but she will be fine, I will be here to help if she needs me."

And once again I am incredibly thankful for the teachers that believe in my children just as much as I do. And for the teachers that remind me, and help me believe when I lose focus on my children's incredible potential.

Nina might have cerebral palsy, but she will be independent. She needs to be independent, she needs to believe in herself. And what is even more important, she needs to know that we believe in her too. So much so, that mom waves goodbye outside the school, even when every ounce of her body begs to go inside and take care of her little girl.


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  1. Thanks Ellen for hosting a link up
    I love discovering new adventures in relation to CP.
    I am so glad that Ninas teachers have high expectations of her learning and independence, that of course tug on your heart strings xxx

  2. My parents had the same fears, but I made it--all by myself! Now I help elementary kids with their jackets!

  3. A little late, but happy to be included. I am really enjoying all the contributions! Stacie

  4. Nina looks astonishing! She is such a brave girl for taking on those tasks even though she has a condition that hampers her motor skills. This just shows that disabilities don't hinder the things you want to do and the person you want to become. Just keep guiding her and make sure she stays strong as she grows older. There might be struggles along the way, but never forget that there are people you can approach for support. :)

    Erminia Cavins


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