Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I did not give up on blogging!

I apologize for my sporadic posting. The girls were sick all last week and today we finally had healthy kids!

I would love for you to visit my writer blog as I am sharing the story of finding out Nichole had Down syndrome. I have shared it here before, but if you are new, I would love to have you stop by and read my very personal posts about that time. The first post: The road less traveled (<---link)

I have some great guest posts for you. If you blog about Down syndrome, I would love to share some of your posts too!

But I won't leave you empty handed (can you be empty handed when you are reading a blog?)

Our sweet rascal is addicted to watching shows. I mean, her addiction is just as bad as mine when it comes to social media. Ellie got us on a new path, as she shared her feelings about Nichole and her relationship, and all the things she wishes they did together. So we are screen free most of the day. Oh she has cried when we say "no." Still, she moves on and plays with her sisters, or with her toys. This is going to be good, really good.

Sometimes, as a parent of kids with special needs, you realize you do what is easy, but not necessarily the best. We have always worked with Nichole, but many times we let her win...because it is easy. We are all in this together, and even after a day, we are loving the results.

Because it also means that I am spending more time with the girls, and the computer really needs to be put away.

Thanks for stopping by.

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