Monday, September 24, 2012

I think you should talk about...

Down syndrome awareness month is just around the corner. October will be here before we know it! As I begin to plan and prepare, I was hoping to get some feedback from you!

Do you have any questions specific to Down syndrome? I would love to hear those?

Any questions about Nichole? Her development? What her days look like? I would love to answer those questions.

Is there something you think I should cover in regards to what it is like for us to have a child with down syndrome?

And lastly, if you do have a child with Down syndrome, I would love to have you guest post!

Thank you! I always appreciate all the input and ideas I get from you.


  1. I am curious about Down syndrome and how, if any, it affects brain chemistry, comprehension, and skills (are there just delays age wise, lags, new ways of doing the skills, or incomplete skill learning). A child we know has a specific mental disorder which effects skills (not saying DS is a mental disorder, but only comparing this to how the brain is effected and therefore skills) and I have been very interested in the ins and outs of it. Mrs. Y.

    1. This is a great question, and I think often times parents shy away from talking about this because we want to show all the positives in our children. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely be writing about this!

  2. I am wondering if you think it would be possible to home school a child with Down Syndrome and give them everything they could need. Even in some areas where they might have difficulties Or do you think it is really necessary to have special education. I know there are also some therapies that are often necessary. Maybe speech or occupational? Are any of these things that can be done inside the home or do you think it's best to go outside the home?


    1. Another great question, and yes, I do have opinions on this ;) And thankfully I can glean from friends that homeschool their kids with Down syndrome. I am also a part of a yahoo group for homeschooling and Down syndrome. I love the resources shared!


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