Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HUGE apology!

Tonight I learned a lesson about embedding youtube videos. And it was not a pleasant lesson! First of all, please know that I would never post a Lady Gaga video. In simple terms, her lifestyle and choices are not compatible with my lifestyle and choices. I apologize if any on you clicked on the video and were offended!

So, this is the lesson I learned today: when you embed a video on youtube (and because youtube is getting so "smart") make sure the video is not part of a "playlist." IF the video is part of a playlist, whatever code you get for the video you are watching is most likely not the the code that correlates to the video, but rather the code for the first video in the playlist. In the case of the video I posted, I suppose this particular video was a part of a "playlist" with several "I was born this way" by Lady Gaga videos. So when I copied the code, I did not realize I was getting the first video in that playlist and not the one I was watching.

In my last post I share some girls at school were talking about Nina, and I heard one say, "she was born that way." Lady Gaga's song kept playing in my mind after that comment BECAUSE I had watched a flash mob dance comprised of children and adults with disabilities singing and dancing to this song. It was sweet! People with Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other disabilities performing at a mall. THAT was the video I always intended to show!

I fixed the code, so it's all good. Still, if you clicked on it and were shocked (and believe me, I guarantee you I was even more shocked, I was mortified!) I really apologize. A mistake I hope I never make again!

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  1. Thanks Ellen. I did click on it, and was surprised, couldn't close it fast enough. I don't watch Lady Gaga either, so I thought maybe she had something worth watching (although I was suspect).

    Love you!


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