Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When I was a kid...

When I was a kid I used to make tents out of my sister's old crib rails. I would cover the rails with blankets, which was my personal version of a teepee. This was a result of not having a yard growing up in Mexico City (gasp!) but rather a large terrace. While it was great for jumping rope, and the occasional swimming in a kiddie pool, I spent a lot of time inside.

Believe me, in confined places you get creative. The tents became a fun get-away for me. I would bring in pillows, soft blankets, my favorite books to read and my Barbie dolls. These tents make some of my favorite memories of playing as a child.

Summer break has finally begun at our house. The girls love having pajama days, but they are also trying to find new things to do. Last night as we played memory match, I remembered the extra crib we have in the basement, and I knew I had to make a tent for them.

I sent the girls to their room so I could surprise them. Amazing how much smaller the tent looks now that I am an adult! As I expected, Ellie loved the idea of the tent the most as I explained to her she could bring her pillows, blankets, and all of her books. She is ready to "retreat" in there, but the other 2 sisters just want to play.

I think today will be a day that we will be looking forward to rest-time. And I admit, I like that kind of day.

What about you, what did you do as a kid that you have introduced to your children?


  1. Oh how fun!! Well, for me, there were the silly songs my mom would make up and sing to us when we were little. Some how, she always remembered the words and the tunes to sing them to us again in the exact same way. I never forgot a few of those songs, and I sing them to my kids today... they love them and beg me to sing them! :)

    1. That is really cute! Now your kids will sing it to their kids too!

  2. Summer break has just begun? Joanna starts back to preschool on Monday, and Jeremy starts 7th grade on Tuesday. Summer break is OVER here.


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