Friday, August 3, 2012

Here we go on first!

So that's what Andy and his family say sometimes, "Here we go on first" I am not sure what that is about, although I am absolutely certain it has to do with sports. Which sport, it beats me, but I think it has to do with starting a new set of somethings, or maybe it is a touchdown, or maybe it means you are on bat. Whatever, I am back, ready to pick up the blog again so.....HERE WE GO ON FIRST!

July has come and gone, along with 3 large jars of nutella, and we are back home. Incredible to think that today is our first day home for summer break (I know, some of your kids are going back to school in 2 weeks!) We finished the school year and 4 days later summer school began for us, once it was done, we left to go visit our family and then Andy and I attended a pastor’s retreat. We just got back home late last Saturday, went to church on Sunday, and on Monday my good friend from Mexico came to visit and she just left this morning. She emptied one of my nutella jars, I promise she did. Maybe I helped. All that to say that as you are reading this, the Stumbos might still be taking a snooze! Or opening the new nutella container and digging in.

For those of you praying for our family, thank you! For those of you that sent messages, I appreciated those so much. We needed rest, and we found rest.

Our travels began as we gathered with Andy, his siblings, and his parents. All 22 of us were together for the first time in 2 years. Andy and his siblings are really close in age, which means they all got married and began having babies around the same time. The cousins have a blast together, it is fun! The 3 oldest girls are so funny together, but they do a great job of including the other cousins…for the most part.

Fun, however, does come with moments of chaos and feeling overwhelmed by the many children, high voices, and screams. Getting 4 families with small kids all in the same schedule is challenging, especially when all families are used to doing things in different ways. However, how can this not be one the most meaningful, wonderful, and fun memories that we will have?

Warning: the Andy Stumbo family forgot it was “family picture day.” Sometimes we do look a lot nicer, I promise!

 Following the small gathering, we met with all the Stumbos. All the Stumbos means: Andy’s grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many, many more children. I lost count, there were so many of us.

 We did lots of swimming during our time with family. If you didn’t get a chance, go back to the archives and take a look at some of the pictures that I shared before.

After that gathering, we headed to my mother-in-law's family reunion. We were not able to stay there more than a day, but it was great to see them. I am not a camping type of girl, but I am sure willing to sacrifice toilets and showers to be around this family. They are lovely! I love Andy’s grandparents like they were my very own.

Once camping was done, we dropped off the girls at my mom’s and Andy and I headed to our retreat. We were not sure of what to expect, other than to rest, pray, and have some time of solitude.

Yes, it was refreshing. It was wonderful. We NEEDED that time. This picture was taken on the last day we were there. Andy and I joked, “We actually look good!” Amazing how a picture can indeed communicate so much. We felt rested, refreshed, encouraged. And we met some wonderful couples that have answered to the same call of ministry we have. It is wonderful to come together with people from different denominations, but all with the same heart. So thankful for these people.

For random updates, I will begin teaching Zumba this Fall, I am excited, if you are local, come Zumba with me!

My contracting job as a writer is also going strong and while I have worked with some wonderful people, my newest job is actually really exciting. I love it, I could spend hours researching and writing, and reading, but alas I was not hired for a full time job. Nonetheless, this is my “dream job” when it comes to doing contracting work. It has been a pleasure.

So I guess that means I am back! I will try to keep the blog updated at least 3 times a week.

Now let’s move on, I have some questions for you!

1.       How was your July? Anything noteworthy? A blog post of yours I should go read?

2.       Help me out here with some blogging ideas, I am having “bloggers block” as I am adjusting to life. Any good blog-post title ideas? Witty? Funny? I will run with it! I promise! Topic ideas? Any questions? Please, oh please do help me out here! I love questions!

3.      Okay, one more. Did you read Ellie’s “TheMissing cat Mystery” story? Yes, my very own Ellie wrote it, so if you did not get a chance, please check it out! Shameless plugs for my child? Yes, always!

4.       Remember to answer either question 1 or 2. (insert wink)

That’s it! Thanks again, I missed this little blog, but I am back.


  1. No harm in shameless plugs for your own kid! When she's famous, she'll thank you. Trust me.

    Speaking of which, did you get my e-mail? I'd love to do my own shameless plugging for her story on MY blog too! :)

  2. Love the update... and it IS a great pic of you and Andy! The girls keep asking when we're going back to Ellie's house. :o) Begging, really...

    I just posted something from a couple weeks ago that I thought you might like... video including a little chatter from someone.

    1. Well that means maybe your family needs another vacation! How we would love to see you guys again! And I LOVE the video! Left a comment on your blog, and I am wondering if Nichole should come spend some time with you. What do you say? ;)

  3. You want ideas? Hows this for ideas? Food, meals etc how and what you do at your house. How/what your girls play. Chores with your kids-what they do. How your house is set up for Nina and her mobility and any special organization. Videos of your kids! Something about you and Andy and what you like to do. A dream (sleeping or future). Mrs Young

    1. Oh those are all great ideas! Thank you!


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