Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Girl

If you are my friend on Facebook, you know that my oldest just had a birthday on Tuesday. Yes, my sweet Ellie is a year older and right now her favorite question is, "How old are you?"

We had a full and fun day on Tuesday, followed by a full and fun day on Wednesday, and today was also a fun and full day. Not all related to her birthday, but it has made a great birthday week. Now we await the arrival of grandma and auntie, and then Saturday is the fiesta!

I have not been able to update the blog all week, but I had to share just some pictures of the birthday girl on her special day.

Ellie woke up to balloons, a present that helped get her ready for the day (dress, necklace, headband) donuts, and a birthday girl pin.

We then had a string scavenger hunt. I basically string some yarn around the house and she has to follow the string all around and find presents hiding along the way. I did this for her when she was three years old and she wanted me to do it again.

She opened presents from us and grandparents, which made the sisters a little jealous (it happens every birthday, regardless of who's birthday it is). You can see here how excited Nina is to see Ellie open presents!

One present I got for Ellie was the game "Guess who?" I always wanted it as a kid and never got it. I loved it, and I won't lie, I still do. Ellie and I played all day. She loves it, I love it, we play. Oh the joys of being a mom! For real friends, this was an awesome present!
Then we went to Cherry Berry to celebrate some more. I would have chosen Coldstone, but what can I say, the kids like Cherry Berry.
The birthday girl and I took a self-portrait, just to prove I do exist and I am not just the one that snaps pictures.
And a picture with daddy, the favorite in our family. Seriously, all 4 of us fight for his attention. What can I say, he is a lucky guy! He has 4 girls that adore him. Or maybe we are the lucky ones, he is an incredible man and a great daddy.
 And we had some chocolate cake!
Next up, the birthday party. It is going to be so much fun!


  1. Well even though it's a few days late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! Have a wonderful fiesta with your grandma and aunt on Saturday!

  2. happy birthday baby girl. she looks like you:)


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