Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Adrenaline!

Snowy roads quickly give way to winter adrenaline kicking in! Today, my right leg is still feeling the effects of yesterday's adventure...

We finally got snow around here. I use "finally" as a loose term because I am from Mexico, and my Latin blood will never be a fan of cold and of snow. I don't care if it is beautiful when it first falls, there are so many other beautiful things, like for example, cars without rust, no shoveling, no frostbite, no extra gear of boots and coats and scarfs and hats, no slippery roads, no puddles in your garage due to black dirty snow on your car, conservation of energy! I mean, it is really expensive to heat up your house during the winter without having to deal with the layer of ice that makes it even colder. Colder!

The following is my personal recount of yesterday's happenings as I attempted to drive up a snow-covered hill. This may be, or may not be, a dramatized version of the actual events that took place.

I left early from meeting with a friend to go pick up the girls, knowing it would take more time to drive through the snow.

"Hopefully I won't get stuck on that hill on my way to school!" I joked with her.

The roads were rough, the kind that you need to start slowing down a good distance before you really have to stop in fear of sliding. I approached the big hill, I could see it in the distance...

Oh boy, I better get some momentum going or I won't make it for real.

I hit the gas in anticipation of the climb.

I am going to make it.

A car backs out their driveway.

No! I am going to have to slow down!

Sure enough, the car, freshly joining the wintery mix of the road, is stuck! Their wheels are spinning, turning, spitting snow in all directions, barely moving. Stuck! As I begin to climb the hill, I have to slow down.

Come on, come on! You can do it, you can do it little car!

But the car is struggling, and I have to slow down to an almost stop. Little car is stuck, and on the side of the road, where it looks as if it was parked, another car is trying to get up the hill.

Finally, little car begins to slowly creep up. I see my chance return, I hit the gas.

Oh boy.

At this point, little car in front of me finally kicks it and takes off!

I hit the gas again, now we can move on. But my wheels are spinning, my wheels are spitting snow, I am stuck too!

Okay, here we go!
This is where the adrenaline kicks in, and please forgive me as I do have great imagination...

Come on van, come on! Let's go up the hill. We can do this together, come on!

I hit the gas with determination, pumping it, hoping it will eventually "kick it!" I am stuck! I consider moving to the side of the road and letting the black SUV get by me, as they seem perfectly in control of their car. But I am so stuck in the road my car will not go anywhere!

No need to panic Ellen, they understand, they can see you are in trouble.

Wheels are spinning, I am gaining ground mere inches at a time. Rocking, rocking, creeping up that hill.

Come on you big black bull (I am referring to the black SUV) give me a little nudge here, I won't mind, help me up the hill.

But he doesn't help me.

Okay then. Come on Jesus, send me your Angel AAA to push me up this hill!

I am pumping that gas, and I realize the adrenaline of the moment is making my leg shake because I am so tense! And I mean so tense!

Then I picture it, a couple of angels behind the van pushing me up the hill.

There we go, keep pushing, keep pushing, we can do this, we can do this!

I am pumping the gas, we are creeping up. We pass the car stuck on the side of the road with the spinning wheels.

When I am done here, send those angels back to help that guy.

We creep up, slowly.

Then the van kicks it, and we come unglued!

Thank you Jesus!

I get to the girl's school about 3 minutes early, but I am full of adrenaline still, feeling like I am shaking. I park in the teacher's parking lot because of Nina and because that is where the handicap spot is.

I jump out of my car with my scrapper, and start attacking the teacher's cars. The snow is piled high on those windshields and windows, but I got a little something extra pumping through me. In 3 minutes I clear 4 cars, then I see Nina and Ellie come out the door.

By the time we are home, I realize my right leg is sore and I feel like I got the workout of my life!

This winter adrenaline...I don't think Mexican girls know how to deal with it!


  1. It's not snowing in St. Louis....just thought I'd point that out ;)

  2. We have a layer of ice here in VA today. I keep watching it get thicker and thicker on the trees...

    I really do not like to drive in the snow, but I do love to watch it fall and play in it :) We rarely get a lot of it, but 2 years ago we got 2 feet twice!

  3. Well, Ellen, rest assured that this Dutch girl (on both sides!) can't deal with snow either! I've hated it forever. We got about 5 inches of snow here in New Jersey, but it was the soft powdery kind which I can totally deal with - and although the temperatures are supposed to go up significantly by Monday, we're supposed to get a drop in temp tonight and some rain, so I'm hoping we don't end up with a lot of ice around here :(

  4. Oh my goodness, your telling of that story totally made me smile. I have been there and it's no fun! I'm not at all surprised that your leg was sore! My husband is from Mexico but somehow he manages to embrace the winter so much more readily than I!

    I saw your sweet comment on my blog from last week, and just wanted to let you know that it would be an honor to guest post for you. Just tell me when! If you get a chance, swing by today and link-up! I am always blessed by your posts and I know everyone else will be, too!

  5. You - Yes You! - have been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award!!! Congrats!


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