Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Calling All Cerebral Palsy Bloggers February 1st

Tomorrow, February 1st, will be our third CP Connection. In an effort to connect our Cerebral Palsy community through blogging, we link up with a blog post the first day of every month.

Who links up?
Anyone that blogs about Cerebral Palsy. Do you have a child with CP? Are you an adult with CP? We would love to have you join in and share one of your blog posts with us!

What should I blog about?
It doesn't matter what your blog post is about, as long as it has something to do with Cerebral Palsy.

Do I need to write a new blog post every time there is a link up?
You can if you want, or you can link up any blog post you have written in the past.

What are the rules?
1. Write a blog post.
2. Add the "CP Connection" button at the end of your post (so that it links back to the other blogs and we are all together in one place) The button code is on the right side-bar. 
3. Link-up your post (not your blog site, but the specific post)
4. Visit the other blogs and if you have the time, leave a comment on their post.

HERE is a more detailed post with the scoop on how this works.

Hope to see you link up tomorrow and spread the word!

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