Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Which...I Forgot

On my last post I which I listed some Christmas memories, I mistakenly omitted some photos. Actually, I simply forgot I had more pictures until I downloaded the pictures into my laptop last night.

So here it goes, these are some more memories from Christmas time when Andy's family was here.

9. In which we went to the light display and it was awesome and it included a scene from Holland.

10. In which grandpa makes malts for the family (except the lady with the stomach flu, which would be me)

11. In which grandpa tells the greatest stories and the girls listen intently.

12. In which Nichole wants to lay on grandpa and grandma's bed to talk, play, and tickle.


  1. Love the picture of the Christmas lights with the scene from Holland. I'm Dutch on both sides of my family (does that make me "double Dutch" then? LOL!) so it's really cool to see the tulips and windmill in lights like that. :)


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