Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Memories In Which...

It was a first for our family as we got to host Christmas with both my family, and Andy's family. We had a wonderful time. Times like this remind me that I wish our families lived closer.

These are some of my favorite memories:

1. In which we made gingerbread houses. My sisters helped Ellie and Nina and they turned our pretty cute.

Nina loved eating the frosting mostly, but Ellie had a great time being creative.

2. In which Ellie's gingerbread house turns out great. I spend hours peeling potatoes, resulting in several days where mashed potatoes were the main dish. My sister Luisa plays Andy's guitar. The newlyweds spend their first Christmas together.

3. In which Nichole was really excited when my mom and sisters arrived at our house; for hours, Nichole hugged, kissed, and played with my mom. The weather is so nice that my mom and step-dad went out for a walk. Nichole got "The Heffalump" movie and stuffed toy for Christmas, making it the best Christmas present.

 4. In which my sister Luisa was the most popular girl in the house. Ellie thinks Luisa is the greatest human being in the universe.

5. In which I got to love on my girls.

6. In which our family spent time together. And we note that the men do not speak Spanish, so my mom, sisters, and I can talk behind their backs...if we wanted to.

7. In which Andy's parents and sister (with her family) came to celebrate Christmas during New Year's. When the girls get to play with cousins, and where we fought the stomach flu, so there were less pictures.

8. In which Nichole was too cute not to snap picture after picture of her.

What are your favorite Christmas memories?

And, do you know how to make your pictures so that nobody can click on them and copy them? Is there a better way to copyright them?


  1. There is an html code that you can add to the <img tag code that makes it impossible for someone to right click and snag your pics. Of course they can still hit "print screen" and get them, but they can't get them easily. Do you know how to put code in html tags?

  2. Such beautiful pictures! They really show what a nice and pleasant Christmas you have had!

    And you and your sisters look like triplets!

  3. Your Christmas looks like it was full of wonderful memories! I've said it before and I'll say it have beautiful little girls! You are blessed!

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hi Ellen.
    There are really simple plugins that enable you to prevent people from copying text and images. It also disables right clicking.
    Look in the add-ons section for "blog protector" or "disable right click" and you should find an add-on.
    Here's an example of a site that uses one of these plugins, so you can see how it works:



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