Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Adopt a Child With Cerebral Palsy

Why did you adopt a child with Cerebral Palsy?      
Why cerebral Palsy and not Down syndrome?
Why would you adopt another child with special needs since you already have one with Down syndrome, doesn't it make more sense to adopt a "normal" one?

These are questions that we have often heard. Sometimes, they are asked with a real desire to learn about our family, while other times I am not sure why people ask them. Either way, I am always happy to take the time and answer these questions. I actually love questions (in case you haven't figured that out!)

So I invited you to ask any questions you would have about Cerebral Palsy, Nina, or our adoption process. So tonight, I get to answer one of those questions.

How did you come to the conclusion to pick Ukraine and CP for your adoption?

Adoption had been in my heart for a long time. After learning of the fate of children with special needs in Eastern Europe and other countries, Andy and I knew that we would one day do something about it, we knew we would make one of those children our own. Looking at the faces of children on Reece's Rainbow was something I did periodically (and still do), but it came a day when the picture of a little girl stole our hearts, and we decided it was time to pursue her adoption.

I know it sounds pretty "superficial" to say that it was her face that made us choose, but it was. We did not know what her special need was, or where she was from. She just looked so much like my husband that it was impossible not look at her and know she was a Stumbo, that she belonged with us. We always talked about adopting another child with Down syndrome, and the fact that she had Cerebral palsy was very scary to me, I was not sure I could do it.

Andy and I spent time praying and we asked our close friends and our family to pray with us. It was during this time of prayer, that Rachel Coleman wrote her post, "Strong Enough To Be Your Mom" God used Rachel's words to challenge me. I crying like a baby after reading that post. God was asking me if I would be strong enough for Nina, and I knew that my answer was a "yes."

I wrote a blog post for Rachel, "Strong Enough For Nina" where I shared about our journey of finding and choosing Nina.

When we committed to adopt Nina, I started an Adoption Blog, where I continue to update some things that are relevant to adoption and Nina (because not everything about Nina has to do with adoption!)

I encourage you to click on the links and read some of those posts, especially the "Strong Enough" posts. And remember, I love comments, and I love questions!


  1. You are such a remarkable and beautiful family. I commend you for your pure heart. Nina and your two other girls are the luckiest.:))

  2. It sounds to me like God chose just the family for Nina! He has a way of doing that. I am looking forward to reading your Strong Enough post. I know that when God called us to adopt 2 for our last adoption, I didn't feel capable, but somehow, He made me able. It's been such a blessing!

  3. We are coming up the 2 year anniversary since we got Nina. What an incredible journey it has been!


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