Monday, March 14, 2011

Need a Rifton Gait Trainer?

Nina's first walker was the Rifton Gait Trainer. If you are familiar with gait trainers, this really is a wonderful set of wheels!

Here is the deal, we don't need this for Nina. She has a reverse walker that she uses very proficiently, and she will be getting a wheelchair in the near future. So for now, we have a brand new gait trainer in our basement collecting dust, and we are never going to use it.

We would love to find a family that could use it for their child. The only thing that would need to be covered is the shipping. Really, that is all. I know there is a little girl with CP there somewhere that would be filled with joy by taking those first steps!

Nina's walker, as you can see, is hot pink. We still have the instructions and the video. It is in brand new condition as I am not sure she even used it more than 10 times. It has a harness, leg straps and "chair."

Update: Nina's Gait Trainer has a new owner! Exciting that it will go to a little girl that shares the same birth country as Nina, as well as the joy of having a family!


  1. Does it actually hold the child up in a standing position so that they can't sit down? We have a walker for our little girl, but she stops and crawls off all the time... She needs to stand at least an hour a day to work on strengthening her muscles and something that she had to stand up in would help. In fact, I think we have that walker (green one pictured above), just without the seat and straps...
    I'm not asking for the walker - just wondering about how the seat works!

  2. how about a little girl with Arthrogryposis from the same country as Nina? and even lives in the same state! Our small town hospital doesnt have a gait trainer for young children since they dont have that many in therapy there so she is not weight bearing much at all. I would love to have it and would put it to good use. She wants to walk SO BAD!


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