Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writing Letters!

Do you see what I see? Nina is tracing letters!

A year ago, Nina was just learning to hold a pencil or a crayon. Any marks made on paper were a big accomplishment. First, she began to make little marks here and there on her pictures, then slowly she began to make more purposeful strokes that became coloring a picture. She is still not able to stay inside the lines, but she has come a long way when it comes to coloring.

Attempts at writing letters have been a completely different story. Coloring has been hard, writing letters has been a struggle.

Back in October we began to suspect that Nina had problems with her Visual Perception Processing. The Occupational Therapist gave me many fun ways to play with Nina and help her develop this skill. We just didn't know if her problems were related to the little stimulation she received at the orphanage, or if we still had a window of opportunity to see her develop in this area.

Something we have worked on is crossing the midline. It means that we encouraged her to make crosses on paper. Starting with the vertical line, and then ONE fluid motion from left to right crossing the vertical line. Nina was not able to do this, she just could not get it, her visual processing was breaking down.

Her progress is really incredible! She asked me to write the word "cat," because she wanted to copy it. When she showed me the paper where she had copied the word I was absolutely thrilled! I couldn't believe it, and Andy was just as surprised. The bets part, she was proud of herself, and she is ready for more!


  1. That is because Nina is FREAKING AMAZING!

  2. That really looks fantastic!!! Good for her! Oksana is not even close to that point yet so I'm thrilled to see that there is hope and our hard work will pay off one day. Yay for Nina!!!


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