Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drawing With Rich Davis

Ellie is a great little artist. I think if it was up to her, homeschooling would consist on doing crafts and painting, coloring, and playing Barbies.

If you ask her, she will tell you that when she grows up she is going to be an artist ballerina teacher. Yeah, all 3 of those, all at the same time...however that works out!

I loved art as a kid but was never great at drawing, so I focused mainly on dancing. Now that I have a little girl that loves to create, I find myself loving the times that we have to create together. However, I need help! I am not the most talented or creative.

See Ellie's pictures? Now, she really is a great little artist, but really, this is all thanks to her new art teacher, Rich Davis. We first heard of Rich when he contacted us and offered to send us his new game "Pick and Draw" and see if it is a good tool to help children with special needs learn how to draw. That post will be coming up soon!

Along with the game, we discovered his web site, and Ellie and I are loving it!

So go ahead, take a peek at Rich Davis and his drawing website. He teaches you how to draw fun characters step by step! Kids love it (and moms too!)


  1. Oh what a talented beautiful girl.. You must be a proud mom:)) My son loves to draw as well, and I get so emotional whenever he draw our family pictures, including my pimples to his drawings, how sweet ha:))

  2. That is awesome! Mason loves to draw too ... I just ordered this! :)


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