Saturday, February 12, 2011

Night-Time Potty Training Your Child With Down Syndrome

I have posting quite a bit about potty training since this is where we are at with Nichole right now. She is getting it, and I know that eventually she will be potty trained. It might take us a couple months, or a couple of years, and that is okay.

I do know that day time potty training will be easier than night time potty training. I also know of a few parents of older children with Down syndrome that have mastered the day time but not the night time.

Since I am no expert, and it would be silly for me to give advice in an area we have not yet experienced, I will do something better. Go read my friend Leah's blog on night-time potty training and a great little tool that has helped both her children with Down syndrome.

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  1. My Jillian, at 19 is still in diapers, daytime and nighttime. I have found at night, that using the adults POISE pads inside the diaper,I have eliminated having to do a load of sheets and blankets daily. I also have cut back on her liquids at night and the second I hear her 'stir', if I get her up, she does urinate on the toilet for me! It means sleeping with a baby monitor but I have more successful nights than failures!Those pads are also good to use in the car as she often will doze off in the car and release, saturating her clothing! (She does not have DS, but has ACC and microcephaly which caused severe developmental delays. Most children w/DS are toilet trained by 7 from my experience in the field, unless they have additional complications. Good luck!


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