Monday, January 31, 2011

Nichole gets a First haircut too!

Everyone in our family has a cold right now. For most of us it means just a little runny nose. For Nichole, it means a runny nose and her eyes get "funky" like Ellie likes to say. The goober mess her runny nose made on her hair, along with her sucking on it had me wanting to get it cut for a while. Since we got Nina's hair cut (and I got one myself) I must have been in the  new do mood.

This morning I decided that I could cut her hair if she was very still (since she has little hair). She really did sit still. I figured I would be cutting the curls off (which I was sad, but I had to cut her hair at some point in her life! Well, I am happy to say that the curls are still there (more like big waves) however, I am not sure that I did such a  great job because I only know to cut straight hair! Good thing is that hair grows!

So here are some pictures, and Nichole did not want any pictures taken! So this is the best I could do!


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