Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bifocals are for Little Kids Too

Nina's glasses have really helped her to see. However, her eyes are still crossing when she is working on close up things.

Yesterday she had an eye appointment and she will be getting bifocals.

With her new glasses, Nina will be able to see better up close as well as the bigger picture. I am also hoping that this will continue to help with her visual perception processing. She is getting better, but she is still unable to make purposeful marks on a paper without tracing them. Her coloring is improving, so that does mean things are getting a little better...slowly but surely!


  1. Our daughter had bifocals for a few months. They helped strengthen her eyes, but she still ended up needing surgery to fully correct her strabismus. Good luck!

  2. We have a cousin that is 2-3 yrs old, and has had cataract surgery already, and wears bifocals. Yes in some cases, bifocals are for kids too!


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