Thursday, January 27, 2011

Potty Training...Mommy

Nichole is doing really well with potty training. No, really, she is. I think the one that is having a hard time with this! I think she is more ready than I am to work hard at this, so I need to deal with the fact that we are going to be cleaning up accidents here for a while.

Nichole had been telling us when she had to go potty right before we began this process. This is why we knew she was ready to begin. I don't know if she was telling us as she felt it come, before, or right after. We simply just changed her diaper. Number 2 was different (because it takes her a long time to get it out, one advantage of low muscle tone I suppose) so I was getting her to go in the toilet if I got to her in time.

We began this process, I just sat her on the potty when I changed her diaper. Almost every time she would go, so we knew she knew that when you sit on the potty, you tinkle. However, her diaper was still wet between changes.

Sometimes, if she wets her diaper, she has figured out how to take it off. She will throw it away on her own and then let's me know "potty." So I think she is definitely feeling the wet diaper and not liking it. This led me to believe the "Cool alert" diapers would be a good idea. You know, those diapers that are supposed to get really cold when you go potty to increase the sensation. They worked with Ellie for a couple of weeks.

We tried it today...and it did not even face her! So we can scratch that idea!

I then let her go without a diaper, which has never worked in the past. She came to me and said "potty" I asked her if she wanted to go to Melmo, and she ran straight to Melmo. I then noticed that her night shirt was wet. I thought she had just told me that she had gone potty already. What is my surprise but to see that Melmo had some potty in it! Nichole had to go potty, she sat on Melmo, and she just did not know how to pull her pajamas up. Now isn't that exciting!

I though to myself, "She is getting this, and the no diaper idea is working!"

Well, you get some, and you miss some I suppose. There was a nice wet spot in the middle of the room later on, and she did not even acknowledge the fact that she had an accident. Oh well. We are still going to do this!

And this mommy is ready to potty train a little rascal!

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