Sunday, January 10, 2010

Becoming a Family

It has been a little over a week since we have been home and the excitement of being here has not wore off yet. It is a good thing as everyone was sick last week. We have had a doctor's visit and Nina and Nichole are on antibiotics. Then Andy got really sick and he too is taking meds. Ellie and I are a little healthier, and are okay with over the counter remedies.

Adding a new family member has certainly been an adjustment. It has been great in some areas as we have to become more disciplined but we are learning about it and it can be a little frustrating. For example, I was never a mom to give my kids snacks at the table. I was okay with them eating on the floor while they played, but not anymore! For my sanity and messes sake, snacks are now at the kitchen table. Not Ellie and Nichole's favorite transition. Nichole is now used to it better, Ellie still likes to tell me what she thinks about it, but she is doing great.

The interactions between the three girls can be pretty hard at times. Nina cannot handle being loved on by Ellie, and if you know my Ellie, you know it breaks her heart and there are many tears. Unfortunately, Nina can be very aggressive towards Ellie and I need to intervene often. Nichole on the other hand can do whatever she wants to Nina and she might get a push or a "No touch!" from Nina, that is all. Of course Nichole has not tried to hug or kiss Nina, she just likes to brush Nina's hair or wipe her nose (constantly!) and Nina can take it for a while. Nichole however, is not so sure about this new girl and is sad that Ellie is not giving her as much attention (or mommy and daddy) so there are definitely some jealousy issues.

but this is all part of the journey, and while life would be a lot easier without adoption, then what would life had been like for Nina? An institution in 4 months hardly seems like any future at all. And even though we are adjusting and we are finding behavior along the way, those can be worked through, and we have a strong support system and many people praying for us. What better place to be? And every day, we fall more in love with Nina, all of us.

Also, click HERE and read the adoption blog post.


  1. Our first week was really rough, but then things started to quickly get into routine and it's so much better and easier already. I pray it's the same for you guys =).

    SO glad you are home!

  2. i really didnt think sophie and maia would EVER be friends. or even tolerant sisters. sophie was NOT going to be sharing HER new Mama with a sister ! no way no how! but fast forward three months and they are great friends and play together a lot, every day even. The problem only comes in when Maia gets overbearing which yes she does do soemtimes. We taught her to drive by hug. quick hug and keep on going. no draggy hangy knock you down hugging. I bet in time your girls will be three peas in a pod and you will wonder when that happened. its so slow and gradual you dont notice until one day you notice they arent killing each other any more. = )

  3. I love the photos... Nina totally fits in to your family! Ellie looks like such a loving big sis... hopefully Nina will allow her to hug and cuddle a bit when she gets more used to her. It doesn't surprise me that Nichole likes hair, but wiping noses? That's too funny.

  4. Nice anonymous comment you got there! LOL

    Just wanted to say how familiar this sounds! Nika did not want the kids to touch her, or come near her, at all. She could handle Mason more than Payton, but it took awhile for her. They just are so not used to it. She is fine with it now though ... just know it gets better!

  5. I love the pics and stories. It is amazing how much Nina looks like the other girls! So cool. I'm glad she is learning English so quickly. So proud of you guys. Glad you're home!


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