Friday, January 1, 2010

We are home!

We are home! I will update later on the adoption blog, but we are finally home!
What a wonderful start to the year!


  1. I am so happy for you! We have been prayerfully following your journey and are thrilled that you are finally home with the rest of the family. ENJOY!!

  2. TEARS IN MY KEYBOARD!!!! I went to your Adoption Blog first and was dismayed when I didn't see a new update! Then I came here and my Heart is FULL of JOY!

    "Father, I give You Praise and Glory for bringing this part of the journey to an END! I Thank You, for holding Ellen and Andy near to Your Heart during this long separation from each other. Lord, I ask that You surround the Hearts and Minds of their Precious little girls..their THREE DAUGHTERS, and that they be protected from any trauma that such a long separation can bring.
    And, Father..Oh how I Thank You, for allowing me to be a part of such a lovely story. To see the story as it unfolded. I ask that You give them an Abundance of Joy and Happiness! A Spirit of Acceptance, as they continue to grow together as a new family.
    I ask for You to send Angels to surround Nina, as she begins a life in a family "that almost wasn't"! You knew her fate before she was conceived and it was not by chance that she will grow up in THE family that you destined her to be with!
    Jesus, You gave Andy and Ellen the Desire to follow You, to wherever it was they needed to be to make this adoption happen! Through all of the joyous times and through all of the fear...through all of the laughter and all of the tears...they persevered.
    I Thank You, Lord for the willingness they have shown to others who will read this blog, as they think about adopting these little children who are in dire situations, who face certain death in an institution.
    I ask for Wisdom and Mercy and for Understanding and a Gentle Spirit in every person who will be involved in Nina's healthcare! That things will move swiftly in determining her needs. And, that this young family will have all of the financial support they need to be able to provide for her care.
    I Pray this in Your Name, Lord Jesus...Amen

    Okay, so I do NOT Pray online real often, but I think I got it all covered! ;D I will be watching for new updates on your sweet family! I can't wait to see picture of all three of the girls together! Have FUN at the hotel.
    I am glad You are home, Ellen! So Glad!

    Peace to you all! Jo

  3. Ellen, SO glad to read this today. I praise God you are home safely.

  4. I seriously cried when I read you were home from Leah earlier this morning! I was on my phone, though, and couldn't tell you how excited I am for you and Nina to finally be reunited with your family!!!

  5. so happy you are both home. realy happy for your family

  6. yeah!! finally!! glad you made it home safe and sound and you are all together!!

  7. Yeah!!!Im so happy for you guys!!!!
    Hope all is going well

  8. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Hip Hip Hooray, can't wait to see photos of the finally united family :)

  9. Yay! Yay! Yay! So glad you are home safely!!!!


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