Thursday, June 7, 2007

Let's Play!

We had a MOPS rummage sale, and I could not resist getting an inflatable boat that you fill with balls. Ellie loved it! but even more she liked to put the balls in the laundry basket and play in there. Maybe a smaller area makes it seem like there are more balls. She comes up with such clever ideas.

Finally we had some pretty nice days, so Ellie and I got to go and play outside. Besides playing with rocks, Ellie loves to swing. I put up a hamac we have and she loved it, she could have stayed there for hours! Eventually she asked for Elmo (her toy, and yes, she loves Elmo) so he could rock with her. And since it was pretty hot, she got to eat her first popsicle! It was a mess, but she sure liked it. She was bothered however when it started melting and falling apart.

Ellie loves to wear hats. Sometimes she wore this winter hat all day! Just because she likes it.

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