Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ellie's Friends

This last year, I was able to take care of our riend's daughter. Her name is Jennifer and she has become Ellie's best friend! They play so well together (and sometimes they fight too). It has been great for Ellie to learn how to share with someone else, hopefully by the time her baby sister is born, she won't mind giving up a toy (doubtful, but I can hope!).

Ellie and Jennifer have another best friend, her name is Elise (did I mention the moms are also very good friends?) The three of them have a lot of fun together. For us parents it is wonderful to have friends that are going through the same stages of life. Our girls are only 5 months apart and so far all three are the "only child." Not too much longer for Ellie, just four more months and she will be a big sister.

Ellie's cousin, Alyssa, is also one of her favorite friends. We wish we could see her more often, but we do look at her pictures. Ellie calls her, "Lisa."

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