Thursday, June 7, 2007


For General Council we had togo to Florida the last week of May. We were very excited to take this "family vacation," even though Andy had to be a part of many meetings. Ellie and I spent our mornings swiming with her friends Carlee and Brooklyn, and we tried to spend the afternoons at the worship services (and taking naps).

Friday was a free day, and since Ellie is so young, we figured the beach would be enough entertainment and Disney would not be necessary. We were right! She loved the beach! She walked on the sand and was amazed that there could possibly be such a BIG sandbox, where the sand never ends, and you can dig anywhere you want! And the ocean was even better!

When we got to daytona beach it was a rainy and cloudy, but as the day went by, it got nice and sunny :)

One of our friends built a sandcastle for the girls. they were loving it. I am afraid they did not help much to bild it, but it was fun stepping on it or digging the sand.
At daytona beach, they have these fountains so you can clean up, and kids love them! Ellie would run to them and try to step on the stream of water. She sure loves water!

Isn't Ellie the cutest? She loved swimming with her friends and Elmo of course.

Ellie, Brooklyn, and Carlee.
Oh yes...this what Ellie looked like most of the time; she wore her purple sunglasses and her hat to protect herself from the sun. The hast is a little big so she takes it off, but even at home, as soon as she walks outside she asks for her sunglasses, "too bright," she says.

Cocoa beach was wonderful, we went there after lunch. Note to parents: when you go to Florida, don't bother going to Daytona, cars drive on the shore and kids cannot just run free and play. Cocoa beach is kid friendly and clean!
Ellie loved the ocean waves. She would get excited and say, "here it comes!," and laugh and giggle as the water would "get her" and then pull back while her feet would sink in the sand. She was so sad when we left. She cried as we carried her away, "back to water." Maybe some day sweetie.

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  1. Ellen, I'm so glad you were able to post some more pictures of Ellie and write about some things. It's GREAT to see new pictures of Ellie. Sounds like she can say a lot of things! And it sounds like you guys are having fun times together. You don't look pregnant at all. Keep updating!


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