Sunday, April 1, 2012

Responding to Your Comments # 7

I figured out how to respond to your comments on the comment section. However, I realize that unless you subscribe to comments, you won't get to see if I responded, so I will continue to have "Responding to Your Comments" posts. However, if you do leave a comment, check back because often I will respond on the comment section.

Blog post: Spring Flowers

Any chance she wants to make some for our house too?
With all the comments like these we got, I wonder if Ellie is on to something here. Maybe she needs to start selling her art. She thought that was a pretty great idea. maybe we need to figure out how much each picture would cost and see how that goes. What do grandma's and auntie's think?

Blog Post: Courage and Determination

I noticed in the 2nd video you kept telling her to put her arms down. Is she keeping them out because of muscle tone issues or is she still somewhat afraid she is going to fall? I have to say though, she gets herself up quite well when she does lose her balance.
Yes, she does walk with her arms out. Sometimes she gets going and snapping her fingers on her left hand. I actually think it is cute because for every step she gives a "snap!" Because of CP (and because Nina's arms actually are affected with CP) when she walks the high tone does kick in and she is tense, so you see that in the way she uses her arms. She has to really think about putting them down and that is extra work.
I believe it is pretty typical for kids with CP to walk "with their arms" for balance until they feel pretty comfortable and balanced. However, I do see this as more of a typical "CP gait" for kids. 

Not only courage and determination, but CONFIDENCE!!! Look how far she has come from the little girl who would only say, "I can't!" to now the little girl who doesn't want to stop! YAY Nina! God is so good!
Yes! Long time coming but she finally has the confidence! And I have to say her teachers have played a huge role in that. The confidence is what blows us away many times even more so than the walking, she is just a different kid now.

Blog post: The Day I Called Poison Control

I adore the ladies at Poison Control. They are the sweetest, most helpful people on the planet. And I especially love how there is never judgement in their voice. Love them!!
Yes, she was so nice! For anyone wondering if you could be over-reacting, just call, they won't mind. Better safe than sorry.

BIG QUESTION - did it kill the ants?!
Most of them! I have dug through the dirt and have seen a few of them still around. Nothing like it was before so I think this is when we do the common fixes for the problem.
We have seen ant hills in our back yard, so I think by the end of the summer we will be your ant killing experts. Just wait and see.

Just for kicks, here is our planter. As you can see it runs the entire length of our large window. The dirt goes all the way down to the ground level. I had someone say ants don't go down that deep, but still. Imagine the colony of ants in there. I tend to exaggerate but this time when I say there were hundreds of ants there really were hundreds. it was disgusting and a little frightening. Now the staggering few will hopefully die soon.

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  1. That's so funny about someone commenting that they like the art enough to buy it. When you posted the pictures, I was wondering, "where she got those" before I realized your daughter painted them! With watercolors! Very impressive.

    1. I don't think she really wants to sell them, although she did think it was a great idea so she could make money. we were just "imagining" together. Nobody has offered to buy any quite yet ;) I think family and close friends would love some though, because she is very talented and loves to make them.


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