Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Husband Likes Crafts Too

Yes, Andy enjoys doing crafts. Except his crafts consist of using saws and drills. We have large fenced-in back yard. We love it and so do the girls. Last summer the fun outside consisted of a sprinkler and small pool. We figured the girls would like a swingset.

For Nina and Nichole, a swingset is not just swings and a slide, it is real physical therapy. They love it, they want to be on it, so they learn how to move their body, they learn balance, how to hold on to the swing, and how to climb.

And so Andy started crafting away!

 Ellie was a great helper. She was very proud of the part she played arranging the boards on the deck.

 Once the swings were up, we had excited little girls. Nichole did pretty well holding on.

 There is a bench where we can even have some snacks or play "restaurant."

Isn't it cute? Not only is it fun, it is a "tree house" and it even has little flower pots that the girls are excited to fill.

Next time the girls ask dad to do a craft, he will have no excuse, I mean, using water colors has to be easier than building a swingset....right?


  1. What a great swingset! The "teeter totter" swing that fits 2 people is Oksana's FAVORITE. It is the only swing she will sit on. Great job, Andy!

    1. Well I suppose that means you will have to bring her over to play :)

  2. I love that swing set tree house! Can I come over and play? LOL - that would be a little too far for me to travel. Oh well, tell the girls to enjoy it double-time for me! ^_^

  3. great set and great job!
    looks like you will have so much fun

  4. Milena1:08 PM

    I'm deeply impressed by your husband's crafting skills! I just love how pretty the whole construction is. And it has so many different functions/play areas! Wow! Did you buy a set to put together, or did you create it all from scratch?

  5. Was that a kit that you bought?

  6. Wow! Fabulous. I see this is the main blog. I did not know.

  7. How FUN!!! The play set is adorable! Your girls will have lots of treasured memories from this :)

  8. I'm so jealous! We are trying to decide if we want to invest in a lovely playscape like yours for our backyard. Well, I mean, I want to invest in one - my husband isn't convinced yet. I'm still working on him! Yours looks great! :)


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