Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ramblings of a Mother

Nichole is into self-directed feedings. It means she tells me what and when she wants to eat and I willingly oblige. Some might say this is a bad idea when it comes to parenting, but most of the time her wish is my command. While this might eventually be a disaster, she is communicating with us so clearly that it is hard to refuse. 

“Bre? Tella? Mommy peez?”

You want some bread with Nutella? Sure thing little rascal!

Which brings me to the fact that this girl loves her Nutella as much as I do. I think the choice of snack is considered scientific evidence that she got the extra chromosome from me. I will also argue that she looks a lot like her mama, especially when she is angry.  

Her love for Nutella has been discovered in the classroom. Often times teachers apologize for the Nutella smudges on her shirt. Fine with me, I have no problem licking her shirt clean. Okay, I don’t love Nutella that much.

Which brings me to school. Nichole is doing really well…most of the time. Nichole is in a special education classroom. It means that all the kids in her class have special needs. Her teachers have discovered that Nichole does not thrive in this environment. For example, Nichole does not handle screaming and loud very well (unless she is the one screaming and being loud). One of the therapists told us she can judge how the day is going by Nichole’s reaction. If Nichole runs to her  and asks to “play” it means it has been a rough day with the other kids and she wants out of there. If she is happy and smiling, it means it has been smooth sailing and all kids have been cooperating.

Which brings me to next year plans. We are having an IEP meeting but we know for sure Nichole will be moved to a typical classroom.  Nichole needs the example from her typical peers and she needs to learn the ropes of school as we prepare for Kindergarten. As a mom, it is exciting when teachers see the potential in your child that you see. It is also reassuring to hear them say she can do this, she can be with typical peers and thrive in that environment (although safety is a concern with her, remember, she is a professional rascal even at her young age).

Which brings me back to the fact that she makes me proud every day. She is talking more, she is engaging more, and she is enjoying life.

I am head over heels in love with this girl.

What is it Nichole? You want some crackers? Sure thing little rascal!

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  1. What is it about children with Down syndrom's faces? There's something so beguiling, like they posses some secret delight, I always want in on the secret! I'm so glad to hear Nicole is doing well, thriving, bringing joy, and being enjoyed!


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