Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Did You Find Us?

Once in a while I like to look at the traffic feed for our blog. It is interesting to me how some people end up here reading about our family. I especially find it interesting to see what are the "word searches" that bring people this way.

So these are a few common word searches that I find.

-down syndrome hands
-adopt cerebral palsy child
-down syndrome adoption
-stories about selfishness
-down syndrome statistics
-down syndrome abortion
-stretching cerebral palsy
-spastic diplegia
-funny house

It makes me wonder how people end up here. How did you find us? How did you stumble across "Stumbo Family Story?"

I am aware most of you reading along might be friends or family, but I am curious, what brought you here?


  1. I can't remember how did I found ur blog, what I know is that, I read it from ur first day of blogging, and spent few days non- stop reading. You inspire me, ur family is beautiful and calm amidst the challenge u guys are facing. Epitome of strength, that's the best word to describe u:))

  2. From our little corner of the world forum :) Nichole's brown curls captured me!

  3. It's funny, but I don't even remember how I came to start reading your blog! I'm thinking that I was referred through Sarah Ely's blog, but I can't remember for sure about that! ^_^

  4. You came for a visit and I followed you home!

    There aren't too many of us who have a kid with DS and a kid with CP.

  5. Reece's Rainbow!

  6. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Reece's Rainbow.
    Nina -- Lily on RR -- really stood out to me. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm not eligible to adopt from her country, so I couldn't pursue an adoption, but I prayed and hoped for months that she'd find a family!
    And when she did find a family, I was so curious to learn more about you all! And I was curious to learn more about Nina. I looked at her picture many, many times and wondered what she was like in "real life" and hoped that she would find a good family. So it has been wonderful to get to "know" her through your blog and to follow her from the orphanage to her new life!

  7. I was researching AFO leg braces becasue my tippy toe walker was about to get them. She doesnt have SP she just does it out of habit, but I had no idea what they were. So I read your little post about Nina getting hers then started reading all your other post and just fell in love with your girls. You truly have a special, loving, amazing family and I love reading about them :) thanks for sharing I have learned so much from your girls.

  8. Two years and two months ago I found your website on an international adoption and inclusive blogroll, which had been found from Twitter.

    Last year I really became interested when I read your post about Eliza Schaff and her ceramic work and studies. Then I realised that you dream.

    And then there's all the Nina and surgery blogs.

  9. I think I was one of those 'adopt CP child' searches, though I recognized your names from Reese's Rainbow. We are also adopting a child from RR ('Melissa') so I try to keep up with all of the blogs, especially those with CP children. You are a wonderful writer and I've loved following your story and the people around you.

  10. I don't really remember how I found you exactly. It was probably a google search for "CP blog" or something similar. I'm always on the hunt for blogs about CP. I'm so glad I found you though...however it actually happened.

  11. Through RR and the rest is history! Who would have known that I was clicking into the blog of the person who would become one of my dearest friends. What a blessing God gave us in eachother! What a pleasure it has been to share in the joys and trials of CP, adoption, faith, parenting, marriage, and soon DS with you!

  12. Reeses Rainbow. I loved your blog so stuck around :-)

  13. From a friend who recommended your blog after our baby was born with Down syndrome.

  14. I found your blog through Reece's Rainbow. I e-mailed you once with a couple of questions and told you how I was looking at all of the children on RR. You wrote back and kidded me to be careful about spending time on the RR website that we would end up with a new addition to our family. :) Well, I'm happy to say, that last December we brought home our daughter, Julia. I thought of you last Christmas because my husband and oldest son were in Ukraine bringing Julia home and I was home with the rest of the children. I know your family spent one Christmas apart. As you know, it is so worth it since we each have our daughters home with us now. Thank you for your great informative posts. We enjoy them as a family.

  15. I'm another one that has no idea. I do know it was prior to our meeting on facebook and I'm pretty sure it was a link from another blog probably in regards to the adoption (but maybe the Ds link). When a blog captures my interest I often read all the back entries (like I did with yours, too) and you were either mentioned or made a comment that interested me.

  16. I'm sure you know I follow your blog because we lived in CC together, attended the same church, and I consider you a sister in Christ.

  17. i found u though Cornish adoption jouney

  18. I found you through RR, and love the way you write about your girls so I continue reading. I haven't any connection with any special needs IRL, so I like to educate myself through reading blogs, in order to know at least a little when I do meet someone with special needs.

  19. Anonymous9:43 PM

    A good friend's from IA blog-yours was a link. We are adopting and it's good to hear about adoption stories through other people too. Mrs Young

  20. Anonymous12:16 PM

    found your wonderful blog thru a google search for successful dorzal rhizotomy and mayo clinic!
    Love reading about all your beautiful girls : )

  21. Anonymous11:33 PM

    It was two years ago in ukrainiane airport when God sent to me you Ellen and your daughter Nina.When I could not speek English yet and you did not speek Ukrainian but God sent to us man hwo was translator.I am thankfull God that He brough us together that I met so beautiful women like you and I got a lots lessons from you.During this two years i can not forget you and sweet little girl Nina.Now i am very glad I can know more about you and your family.May God provids all your needs acording His will. With love Svitlana


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