Monday, April 4, 2011

Update and Prayer Request for Our Family

At the end of this year, Andy and I will look back at the big changes of 2011. For starters, it is the year we both turn 30, but that is a small change, maybe insignificant, other than the fact that it is the big 30!

Mostly, this will be a year of big and significant changes.

On April 13th Andy will say goodbye to Bethany Alliance Church. It has been a long process, but God has been transitioning Andy out of youth ministry for the last few years.

Eight years ago, Andy and I got married. We were only 22, almost done with College. A few months after getting married we graduated and Bethany Alliance Church invited us to come; we were just kids. It was here that we “grew up” and became adults. It was here that we had our three daughters, and the place where we have created family. What a beautiful place this has been, and how dearly we love the people here. Our life together as a couple and as a family has been in this small town, with these incredible people. To think about leaving breaks my heart, and although it is cliché, part of me will truly stay back here. Our daughters are losing grandparents, and although they are not blood related, they will always be family. I don’t like to think about leaving, because I am not able to hold back the tears.

But there is this small church in Wisconsin, with only about 40 people. They needed a pastor. A pastor that could carry a tune, maybe play an instrument and lead them in worship. And someone that was comfortable with disability and special needs. While we know that it will be hard, we are so excited to be a part of Orchard View Alliance Church. There are wonderful people with big hearts in this church, and we are so excited to create a new family with them. We are excited to see God move! Andy will become the Senior pastor of Orchard View on June 1st.

Between this transition, Nina will be having a Rhizotomy done. This is a very intense surgery and the rehab is quite demanding. Nina will be living in the rehab center anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. Yes, it means most likely Nina will go from Mayo clinic to a new house in Wisconisn.

During this time, Andy and I will be splitting our time with the girls. One of us will be with Nina, and one of us will be with Ellie and Nichole at home, packing our house so that we can move. We know this will be a hard time for our family, but the love and support that we have received from our church here is incredible! We know they will walk with us, they will support us, and help us carry the load. They have loved us so well these last 8 years, and they continue to do so. Again, it will be so hard to say goodbye.

So this is where we would appreciate your prayers.

For Nina’s surgery

- We know that it is a painful 2 days following surgery. For some kids, intense pain, others just sleep it off. Please pray that Nina can handle the pain.

- For Andy and I as we watch Nina having to go through this. The surgery will help her so much, but it still does not make it easy.

- For the surgeon performing Nina’s surgery.

- For Ellie and Nichole back home, this will be hard for them too.

- For our family as we spend so much time apart from each other.

For our transition

- Please pray that we sell our house. This is a big prayer request!

- We need to find a place to live before we move (and ideally we will only have one mortgage).

- For the people of Orchard View Alliance as they wait without a pastor. This has been a transition for them too.

- For our girls as they move to a new town and make new friends.

- For us, because we need new friends too.


  1. Thanks for the update Ellen! We will certainly be praying for all of you. Lots of love and hugs from all of us!

  2. Oh WOW. You guys have A LOT going on! I'm not the praying-type but i'll be thinking of you, sending positive vibes, and looking out for updates.

  3. You've got them coming.

  4. Prayers from our family to yours! I really enjoyed chatting with you last night! Feel free to call me anytime! Know that Nina will do wonderful and God is with y'all!

  5. Janesville is not close Ellen...I just googled it. How I love you both and your girls. You know I'll continue on praying for you!
    Love you friend!


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