Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Far So Good

Nina got to meet her little friend who had the same surgery the week before. Little A is there with her daddy, so the little girls get to play together while the daddy's hang out. Turned out pretty good that Andy is the one staying with Nina at the moment.

As you kind (kind of) see, Nina is dressed! The OT comes in every morning to help Nina get dressed, there is a lot if therapy that takes place while this happens. Sitting, standing, pulling, balancing, etc. And Nina has no clue that there is a lot more happening besides getting dressed!

So this morning Nina and A took a stroll together and decided to play the piano.

And for your enjoyment, here is their recital. You may clap at the end if you wish.


  1. Really cool that they can share this experience!

  2. What a great duet! I used to play the piano but haven't done it in awhile...


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