Friday, April 1, 2011

She Said YES- One Less Orphan in This World!

Yesterday I shared with you my heart about the million orphans of this world. And I shared with you about the Davis family, who was denied adoption of their son because he has Down syndrome. I asked you to pray for the Hook family who was facing the same judge, and the Moreno family who will soon be facing the same judge.

Today, with great joy I want to introduce you to Evan Hook. The judge said YES! God is moving, He is answering our prayers!

Please continue to pray for the Davis family as this judge has the document with the appeal on her desk. It would be as easy as her picking it up and changing her answer. She can be a yes.

And continue to pray for the Moreno family, as they are the next family to come and petition this judge for the adoption of their sweet baby J.

We are witnessing a miracle, as stereotypes are being challenged, as a judge's heart is being changed! Pray for the judge too, because God could use this woman to become a strong advocate for adoption of children with special needs.


  1. Most certainly will be praying for all!!!

  2. I am SO THRILLED that Evan now has her Mama and Papa. fervently hoping that Kirill soon has his Mama and Papa wrapped around his little finger and is home with them where he belongs.

  3. I'm praying, hope every thing will turn out right.


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